Tugdaan Mangyan Center for Learning and Development

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Cirilina Lintawagin

Ailyn Lintawagin

Rizalito Benito

Tugdaan Mangyan Center for Learning and Development, Inc. is an educational institution for and by the Mangyan tribes of Oriental and Occidental Mindoro. The main trust of the institution is to organize and develop its partner beneficiaries in building integrated and self-reliant communities through their ability to shape their dreams and aspirations and to assert their rights to self-governance and self-determination. It has been Tugdaan's commitment to develop programs in consonance with the people's culture, needs and aspirations in life.

Background of the Enterprise

One of the major components of Tugdaan is its Sustainability Program. It aims to sustain the long run operation of Tugdaan through production and marketing of calamansi concentrate, hibiscus concentrate, wild honey, virgin coconut oil, ginger powder, dul'law powder and lagundi powder. It also provides avenues for Mangyan farmers to develop their coffee farming technologies and methodologies.

Number of Beneficiaries

Direct Beneficiaries:

  • 150 calamansi growers, 100 coconut suppliers, 20 wild honey gatherers, 12 coffee growers

Indirect Beneficiaries:

  • Est. 2000 individuals


Our Products


Lindungawan Abaca Envelope Kit


PHP120.00/per piece

Hinabol Natural Dye


PHP 220.00/per meter

Abaca coin Purse


PHP 25.00/pc

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