Samahan ng mga Palawano sa Amas Brookes Point (SPABP)

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Lolita Montegrijo

Rolito Landuan

SPABP (Samahan ng mga Palawano sa Amas, Brookes Point) is a member-organization of Nagkakaisang Tribo ng Palawan. It is located in Amas, one of the eighteen barangays in Brookes Point.

Background of the Enterprise

Coco spread enterprise was organized to help increase income of the members of SPABP-MPC. Palawanos regularly produce coco spread and its variations in a small processing center within their ancestral domain. Others who are not involved in the production are gathering almaciga resin (a non-timber forest product used for creating fire, wax, etc). With the help of NATRIPAL, they regularly sell their products in Brookes Point, Puerto Princesa City and Manila.

Number of Beneficiaries

Direct Beneficiaries:

  • 5 cocospread producers

  • 50 almaciga resin gatherers

Indirect Beneficiaries:

  • 400 individuals


Our Products


Lindungawan Abaca Envelope Kit


PHP120.00/per piece

Hinabol Natural Dye


PHP 220.00/per meter

Abaca coin Purse


PHP 25.00/pc

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