Shontoug Foundation

Esther Balaoy

Adelina Timoteo

Shontoug Foundation, Inc. is a SEC registered non-government organization working with the Kankana-ey, Ibaloi and Kalanguya tribes. It was established in the 1980s and is currently benefited by farmers, children, women and youth. Its member IPOs are the following: Cabilisan Farmers Associaton; Datakan Womens association; Urnos ni Obulan(UNO); Goldfield Weavers Association; UBAPAS; DAYUKONG; SUPACONA; Yeng-Ao; Lampada; Dagao Villagers Association; Pongayan Farmers Association

Background of the Enterprise

Shontoug currently helps its IPOs through technical and financial support in the production, marketing and management of various community-based enterprises. It has several marketing centers in Baguio City named as Cordillera Treasures.

Number of Beneficiaries

Direct Beneficiaries:

  • 33 Soft broom makers, 27 Banana chips producer, 30 elders and women Sugarcane vinegar makers, 40 Organic pig raisers, 20 youth Organic chicken growers, 30 Organic sugarcane syrup producers, 25 women Organic feed producers, 45 Organic pesticides and fertilizer makers, 20 women Fruit jam makers, 15 Wild Honey gatherers, 2 Leather craft makers, 24Paper crafters, 27 weavers, 150 Organic coffee growers, 80 Upland rice growers, 3 Knitter, 135 Ginger powder producer

Indirect Beneficiaries:

  • 575 households


Our Products


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