Phesalubuhan Subanen De Siay (PSDS)

IP-Led Fellows

Cerila Ojas

Mercedita Digdigan

BeneficiariesProductsPSDS is a Subanen people's organization established in 2002, benefited by farmers, women and youth. It is registered to the Department of Labor and Employment and is currently located at Siay, Zamboanga Sibugay.It has several committees focusing on the implementation and sustainability of education, water systems, health, sustainable agriculture and livelihood programs.

Background of the Enterprise

One of the major programs of the organization is their livelihood program aimed at increasing income of women members while at the same time contributing to the sustainability of the organization.The women regularly produce lagundi powder, dul'law powder, ginger powder and traditional lukot-lukot (rice rolls).

Number of Beneficiaries

Direct Beneficiaries:

  • 12 processorsPhesalubuhan

Indirect Beneficiaries:

  • 62 Households


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